Serial entrepreneur Morten Strunge, known from Mofibo, Onfone and Plenti, has recently made an angelinvestment in the startup Rubberduck, where he has also joined the board.

Rubberduck is an app that lets car owners, in need of a tire change, book a mechanic without going to a workshop. The mechanic will then find the car using the GPS coordinates provided by the app, and shift the tires. This way the owner don’t have to manage the process and is free to go about his/her own business. When the change have been made, the app saves all information about the service, so that the history is saved in one place.

The app was launched back in April and Morten Strunge already sees big potential in the business.

“Sometimes you come across an idea where you think to yourself: ‘why has no one thought of this before’? I have thought this about Rubberduck. Rubberduck is a break with an industry that has done extremely little to innovate itself,” says Morten Strunge to Trendsonline


The two founders of Rubberduck, Morten Meisner, and Anders Pajor are also both very excited about working with Morten Strunge. Both have previous experience working with Strunge and they have full confidence in his skills and insight.

“Morten has unique experience in challenging established industries and a strong understanding of how to build a business. His knowledge and investments will push us in the right direction so that we can grow our business both here at home as well as abroad,” says Anders Pajor, CEO of Rubberduck.

The two founders have big plans for the following year. They aim to expand from tire changes to fixing performance differences between bags and coilovers, as well as a broad array of maintenance and repairment of cars. At the moment, the app is only available in Copenhagen. The plan is to cover all of Denmark by the end of 2016.

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