What is the most important about entrepreneurship? That depends, of course, but thinking in terms of a big picture, entrepreneurship is essential for economi growth. It creates jobs, jobs strengthen growth and optimism – and consequently reduce segregation and isolation so that everyone benefits in the end.

This exact idea has given a start to a new initiative called “Uppstart Helsingborg” (Startup Helsingborg). The initiative will be run by means of cooperation between local business partners and investors among whom are Cydonia Group founder Alf Tönnesson, board member Mikael Palmqvist, Tomas Polacek who owns the tour company and tour operators which includes South Africa Travel, as well as board member Lottie Svedenstedt. The group is also powered up by expertese and support of Jenny Lindén Urnes, one of Sweden’s most important and capital strongest business people. Leading Lindéngruppen, she is also a major shareholder in two listed companies, Höganäs and TransAtlantic, which together are valued at almost 7 billion Swedish kronor (700 million euro). (see full article here)

“Uppstart Helsingborg” will offer solutions to business owners through counseling, coaching and financial assistance all with the purpose to create the best possible conditions for businesses to take up the next step in entrepreneurshie and thus – hire more people, particularly youth. The focus is on small and medium size companies in the labor-intensive industries.

“We want to contribute in various ways so that more residents of Helsingborg would have jobs to go to. We believe in entrepreneurship and want to support companies in the growth stage,” says Johan Wiklund, one of the most committed investors in the press release.

Peter Danielsson, Mayor of the City of Helsingborg, welcomes the initiative as well:

“It is very much appreciated that local business community in Helsingborg takes this initiative to reduce unemployment, especially among young people and other groups who have difficulty entering labor market. This initiative is complementary to what other players and the city has been doing to achieve the goals.”