On Wednesday, the 12th of March from 6PM to 10 PM (CET) Dan Martell will be featured in the VIP VoIP (#4) hosted by Rocket Labs in Copenhagen and Mesh in Oslo. A Canadian entrepreneur with an interesting history, Dan’s presentation will surely bring in an audience. He faced a challenging environment growing up and by the age of 17 had been to jail twice. When he was 18 Dan spent some time in rehab where he discovered computers. Working with software helped turn his life around. Since then he has spent the last ten years founding five companies. Two of them were failures while the other three have so far been considerable successes. Some even raised venture capital and an exit. Dan is currently focusing his entire interest on his startup Clarity, of which he is the Founder and CEO. Clarity is a marketplace that provides on demand business advice for entrepreneurs all over the world. Entrepreneurs are provided with the chance to talk to experts in the industry and various advisors.

“Via Clarity and various incubators, I’ve advised over 1,000+ startups regarding growth hacking, product marketing and fundraising. I’m also ridiculously passionate about helping others succeed in business.” – Dan Martell

The service assists clients in growing their business by learning new skills and conducting market research, among others. This helpful service proudly boasts highly successful entrepreneurs such as Mark Cuban, Eric Ries and Cameron Herold as their verified experts, along with over 30,000 others. Clients may browse among the community of experts until they find their preference. Testimonials from CEOs of successful firms praise their services.

“A $100 Clarity call stopped me from buying $30,000 in software that I didn’t need.” says CEO of Wrightwood Furniture

Certainly an admirable service to be appreciated! Dan will be sharing interesting stories from his life at the talk, as well as providing insights from his experiences for businesses.
Date: March 12, 2014
Time: 18:00 – 22:00
Place: Rocket Labs, Copenhagen