In an ambitious move to transform the landscape of investment analysis, Danish tech startup Signal has secured funding for the expansion of its AI-driven technology platform. This platform is designed to provide venture and private equity funds with real-time, enhanced data on potential investments, candidates, and competitors, thereby enabling more informed and strategic decision-making.

Signal, founded by Simon Bøttkjær and Jacob Graubæk Houlberg, both veterans of the venture capital industry from PreSeed Ventures, is poised to launch its platform,, which promises to offer key figures, insights, and important metrics for professional investors and business angels, leveraging in-depth data and artificial intelligence. The company is also supported by a third former colleague from PreSeed Ventures, Jonatan Hjortdal, who has joined as the company’s chairman.

The funding round attracted a noteworthy group of investors, including Rune Christensen, the founder of MakerDAO; Mads Mikkelsen, co-founder of health-tech platform Practio; and Simon Bækgaard Christoffersen, a partner at Highbridge Lawfirm. These new investors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from the tech and venture capital industry, promising to add significant value to Signal’s operations.

“We are incredibly proud that the investors have put their faith in us, and we are very excited to have them join our journey. The new ownership brings significant knowledge and experience from the tech and venture industry, which we are confident will create substantial value for Signal.”

says Simon Bøttkjær, co-founder of Signal

As part of Signal’s strategy, the plan is to use the newly raised capital to boost growth and establish a presence among leading global players in the private equity and venture markets.

“Technology is turning every industry upside down at the moment, and the venture industry is certainly no exception. Especially artificial intelligence is currently creating A and B teams in venture funds and capital firms. Those with the best tools win the best deals and create the most value for their investors,”

says Jacob Graubæk Houlberg, co-founder of Signal.

With the newly raised capital, Signal plans to accelerate its growth and cement its position among the leading global players in the private equity and venture markets. The company’s strategic vision is to reach out to private equity and venture funds worldwide, building strong customer relationships and partnerships with funds and business angels on an international scale.

“We have great faith that the platform will create value among leading international players in alternative investments. The development of AI has brought about significant changes, and now it will also revolutionize the investment industry,”

says Mads Mikkelsen, co-founder of Practio and one of the investors in Signal