In an effort to boost the life sciences and animal welfare sectors, TrackPaw Scientific, a startup based in Lund, has successfully closed its pre-seed funding round, raising 6.6 million SEK (€ 591,000). This milestone, with the lead investor being Almi Invest and other such as VC firm I Love Lund, marks an important step for TrackPaw as it gears up to introduce innovative solutions aimed at enhancing animal welfare and behavior monitoring within the pharmaceutical development landscape.

The funding round saw a new the addition to TrackPaw’s circle of investors – ERM Invest, along with the clinical development expert, Ola Gudmundsen. Ola, who holds a PhD in physiology, brings a wealth of experience from his tenure as the founder and CEO of Link Medical AS, a clinical Contract Research Organization (CRO) known for its contributions to clinical trials and business development in the healthcare sector.

“We are honored to have received such great support from our investors, who all harbor relevant expertise in the field of life science and technology. It comes to show that our mission of providing solutions for data-driven, efficient, and automated monitoring of animal welfare and behavior during pharmaceutical development is shared by many,”

says CEO Liza Tchapanova Albrektson

TrackPaw’s mission is to deliver a surveillance system that promises to transform how animal welfare is monitored during the development of pharmaceuticals. This system is designed to offer data-driven, efficient, and automated insights into animal behavior, thereby ensuring higher standards of welfare and contributing to the ethical considerations crucial in pharmaceutical research and development.

With the successful closure of the funding round, TrackPaw is now set to accelerate its operations towards the beta launch of its surveillance system slated for the fall of 2024. This period will also witness an expansion of the company’s Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio, further solidifying its commitment to innovation and leadership in the industry.

Future Implications and Impact

The significance of TrackPaw’s technological advancements extends beyond the immediate benefits to animal welfare. By providing pharmaceutical developers with tools to monitor animal behavior and welfare more effectively, TrackPaw is paving the way for more ethical and scientifically sound research methodologies. This innovation not only has the potential to enhance the quality of data collected during drug development but also aligns with growing regulatory and public demand for humane treatment of animals in research.