Nordic APIs Copenhagen is a half-day event in May all about APIs. More and more companies, especially startups, realise that APIs are a must, either as a marketing strategy or as a revenue generator. Nordic APIs is a series of events organised by Dopter, based in Helsingborg, together with Twobo Technologies. The goal is to create the possibility to learn more about the business and technology of APIs, both from industry expert and from each other.

In Copenhagen there will be presentations about the current State of APIs, how to create APIs that developers want to use, building Hypermedia APIs and how to keep an API running 24/365. There will also be presentations about the security around APIs – authorisation, OAuth and identity to be specific. All in all it will be a well spent half-day if you need to know more about using and publishing API.

When: May 21st

Where: Jayway’s Copenhagen Office
2 Sjæleboderne, Copenhagen, Denmark

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Registration: Eventbrite

There are several more upcoming Nordic APIs events. In May it is time for conferences in  Aarhus and Sundsvall (focused on Open Data), in June  Trondheim (focused on telecom) and in September there is a big 2-day conference in Stockholm with well known international speakers. Follow @nordicapis on Twitter to get all the Nordic APIs news.