An unconference and networking event to enhance the Nordic entrepreneurship ecosystem, the agenda for the August 20 #NHGEM13 event will be created during the first hour of the day. Essentially it’s a chance for collaboration projects, to contribute to high growth in the region, and meet the needs of Nordic entrepreneurs.

Create networks and stronger partnerships across borders, and plan joint funding applications. Three or more Nordic countries need to be represented in a project to receive funding through the Nordic High Growth Entrepreneurship Initiative. Participants are asked to think of relevant topics to share and be ready to discuss with others. Discuss, inspire, and get inspired, the ‘unconference’ part means there’s no hierarchy and anyone can propose a subject.

Host of the day is Joshua Kauffman, an American designer, consultant and facilitator. He lectures and leads workshops in academic and corporate contexts, and is a frequent facilitator of innovation gatherings and conferences. Using the Quantified Self movement, he works with clients and partners to take advantage of emerging opportunities where self-tracking can lead to the invention of transformative new products and services. As a designer Joshua has worked in global spaces, culture and commerce for development of projects with clients including McKinsey, Nike, Philips Design, Ebay and Freedom House. One of his areas of expertise is designing across cultural and geographic contexts, with experience geographically from Cuba to Kenya, and sectorally from transportation and urbanization to ICT.

Free event, with breakfast, lunch and coffee served. Limited number of seats, so
register and confirm participation by 12 August 2013.

When: Tuesday 20 August, 2013.
Where: Eigtveds Pakhus, Asiatisk Plads 2G, 1448 Copenhagen

More info on funding proposals. Expressions of interest open between early August and 10 September 2013.