Everplaces, Copenhagen-based platform for sharing recommendations about interesting locations, has launched API to share user-generated content with travel agencies and hotels shares The Next Web. The service also includes “expert recommendations” from locals in each city that give advice on best restaurants, cafés and other worthy places.

“The deal is that insider tips are the hottest asset in the travel space, and we’re now making it possible for hotels etc. to access these and use them as a differentiating factor,” says Tine Thygesen CEO and co-founder of Everplaces according to ArcticStartup.

The data from Everplaces’ main competitor Foursquare has grown complex and messy. Migoa, a holiday apartment site in Barcelona, was one of the first ones who has chosen to switch to Everplace and launch first API trail.

“We felt adding restaurants and local info to our hotel maps would help customers select the right property. Initially we went for a Foursquare integration but found our maps had just too many locations, and that many were of low quality, being check-in data rather than actual recommendations” explains Oriol Blasco, CEO of Migoa.

Everplaces started off with letting users to bookmark their favorite places but evolved into a more social service. People seem to enjoy crowd sourced content so now they have a chance to create their own mini-guides. Everplaces employs careful filtering process based on the quality analysis of posts (availability of address and image) and users (contribution rate and popularity) to deliver the most interesting recommendations and them included in Explore feed.

Of course there is competition in the market, yet Everplaces has a potential to grow. Its high quality content and user-friendly apps and web-serivces are definetly a way to capture the market.