, a startup that focuses on providing outsourced sales service, is officially launched today! Initiated four months ago as a commission-only consultancy to provide startup with cost-effective ways to sell their products, is now a fully fledged business. What is so interesting about this startup up is that it challenges traditional sales techniques.

“We believe traditional sales methods are out of date, and not applicable to the companies we are building today. Our mission is to explore different sales behaviors and incentives to suit the customer centric world we have built, and provide services and products that do so,” says Neil Murray, founder and CEO

For many startups traditional approach to sales is dated. came up with a brilliant sales model that is customer centric. Instead of working on commission from sales offers its customers monthly fee for a set number of conversations. The incentive in such scheme is to make as many sales as possible so that customers will extend their subscription for the next month. also undertakes product training at no cost, all is required on customer’s side is to provide leads. Sales results are shared in real time via Podio workspace.

The model is innovative but simple to grasp. Package deals price varies from 99$ to 499$ a month based on desired number of conversations and of course there is a trail version that can be found on’s website. The company’s ambition is to grow and improve.

“We are already working with some of the most exciting startups in Denmark and the UK and we have further expansion planned for this year, we will be hiring pretty aggressively in order to achieve our ambitious plans,” says Neil Murray

During the upcoming period will also be focusing on app development to give users an opportunity to track sales process using their mobile devices. The company is Bootstrapped. Yet new outlook on old sales method is surely promising, so good luck!