Planeto, the online knowledge startup, has had a very interesting start and made some successful pivots. The current strategy, creating an online knowledge base, is assisted by gamification methods: first games for the web, but now with a focus on games for mobile devices.

Their latest game, Science Illustrated Quiz Battle, managed last week to make it into the app store spot #1 (in Sweden, it has already been on that spot in Denmark since earlier). This is of course a great achievement, given the extensive volume boost being ranked on the top in the app store usually means.

Planeto is currently claiming over 2 million downloads, an impressive feat considering that it only is aviable in the Nordics (and Holland) so far! The success is especially good in Denmark, where over 20% of the population have downloaded the game!

If you haven’t tried the game yet, do so, you can find them both for the iPhone or Android.