Yesterday it was time for #cphftw Town Hall meet-up #4. This was by far the best event in the series, and also the different – in a number of ways.

1000+ people in Christiania

The setting was something uniquely Copenhagenesque – the venue was inside the free town of Christiania, in ‘Den Grå Hall’. Having to describe the way there with a message like this below shows the idea of pushing the concept – this was probably as far from boring corporate events as it is possible to get.

The iconic sitzkartongs where there, altho the atmosphere was much more like a concert – with most people standing up. Which might have to do with it being the sitzkartongs fourth even – they might not be that stable anymore…

High action, high quality

This Town Hall felt a lot more condensed and intense then previous ones. On stage there where some of the highest achievers from the Copenhagen startup scene, giving insights and their view on what it is like to run a startup. The line-up included Thorvald Stigsen from Momondo, David Helgason from Unity, Peter Michael Oxholm Zigler from Autobutler, Theis Søndergaard from Vivino – and a many more.

The keynotes where Thorvald from Momondo and David from Unity, opening and closing the evening. Throvald focused on the startup journey and the harch reality that most fail, and why. David gave a lot of insights into how they build Unity as a company, and challenges along the way.

“During the transition phase, get some stamina, find your voice and build your audience.”

– was one of Thorvald’s advices.

“One wonderful thing of raising money: it lets you lift your eyes to the horizon.”

– was one of David’s insights.

In between the keynotes there where a lot of announcements, highlights from startups and their successes, and community events. This included short presentations by the Danish Crowdfunding Association, the Copenhagen Cocoa meet-ups, TechBBQs plans and also MINC from Malmö about their incubator. On the startup sector Planetos Morten Grauballe was talking about their success and new plans, as well as 23s new office and housewarming – The 23 House.

Wine and news from Vivino

As previously with the Town Hall meet-ups, one of the startups helps out with the bar. This time it was Vivinos staff who manned the bars, handling out not just beers, but of course also lots of wine.

Vivino also announced major news on stage – their new service to scan not just bottles of wine, but now also to scan complete wine lists at restaurants!

Good talks and sharing knowledge

One of the key highlights for many was not just the keynotes, but also the mingling session – which was divided into different roles where everyone could choose what fitted them the best. Represented by a key player in the region taking the lead in each group, the sessions included: Angel, CTO, COO, CMO, VC as well as many more. These small group sessions brought a lot of value as well introducing different people to each other. A great detail, and much better then normal mingling!

“It feels great that to see that #cphftw is helping to bring the startup scene together, and to see experienced serial entrepreneur give advice to those involved their first startup. Just as it makes me happy to see employees from startups connect more with like-minded people, talking about anything from marketing, tech to operation challenges.”

– was Jasenko Hadzic’s, main organiser, comment on it all.

A lot going on

Overall a great evening, that I think gave everyone a great feeling of the energy in the scene. If you missed it, then you can experience parts of it: 23 was there as well, filming and broadcasting it all. You can also see more of what happened over at Conferize event page.

We are already looking forward to the next Town Hall!