Reform, a Copenhagen-based startup raises $1 million (€0.87 million) and intends to enter the international markets. The company plans to enter the German and North American markets by using this capital.

Reform’s concept is simple: Customers purchase their desired kitchen cabinets at IKEA (or already own an IKEA kitchen) and choose their favorite design of Reform fronts and tabletop. Once the order is delivered, fronts are easily clicked on and the tabletop is tightened to the cabinets.

The startup was created when the founders Jeppe Christensen and Michael Andersen noticed a growing interest around custom made carpentry kitchens, while recognizing the price range of such products usually went far beyond the budgets of many people.

“The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in our homes but funny enough, it is often overlooked when it comes to design. Often our kitchens are white and as neutral as possible. We want to do something about it. Our goal is to give everyone a chance to experience extraordinary design at good prices. Thanks to the capital we can develop the business at a faster pace.” says Jeppe Christensen

It is not only Reform that benefits from this cooperation. This also opens up markets for companies that offer kitchen designs at a much higher price. Currently, Reform collaborates with internationally acclaimed Danish architects-BIG, HLA and Norm.

“We have flirted with the idea of ​​creating custom-designed kitchens for several years but we often end up with tailor-made kitchens, which are quite expensive. So the idea of creating kitchen designs that are exclusive in all aspects except price is pretty good.” says Jakob Lange, design manager at BIG Ideas

Founded in October 2014, the company has grown organically through sales and offers a broad range of customizable kitchen designs. Business angels have been approached to help deliver higher consumer value and hire employees to open the German and New York offices. In addition to all this, the company plans to open a showroom in Germany this year in August.