The Danish cleantech startup Fluidan has just received an investment of DKK 7 million (939.000 euro). The investment was contributed by Syddansk Teknologisk Innovation, Christian Nielsen’s Fund and several private investors.

Fluidan was formed back in 2014 at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Department of Micro- and Nanotechnology. With Fridolin Okkels and Anders L. Østergård at the helm of the company, the startup has spun out of the DTU and is now an independent company.

The company has developed a new technology called RheoStream. The technology is able to measure the flow properties of fluids to secure consistency in the quality of liquid products. The process is furthermore a hundred times faster than the traditional methods. The product could, therefore, be the solution for long-standing problems in the production of paint, shampoo, milk and other liquids where the quality can vary dramatically.

“Naturally, we are extremely happy about this capital injection which enables us to further develop the RheoStream-technology and implement it in production companies where the technology can cause big savings by limiting waste and quality variations. This capital injection is a significant step on the way and a reassurance that our technology will bring significant value to the industry,” says Ander L. Østergård, CEO of Fluidan to TrendsOnline.

Last fall, the startup received half a million DKK (67.000 euro) from Innovation Fund Denmark. The new investment is significantly bigger and a big step forward for the young company.