The Malmö based startup Sentian AI is a company focusing on artificial intelligence in the form of neural networks, machine learning and algorithms to solve various problems. These problems being in the form of different predictions and optimisations. The company has recently doubled it’s revenue since the past year to €1M, and have gone from 10 to soon 17 employees. They’ve also recently gotten Eon as a customer, reports Rapidus.

The company has relied on consulting their own developed software for their revenue growth. One of the companies currently working with Sentian AI is Stockholm Exergi, where Sentian AI is building a software for the company to be able to detect malfunctions in the district heating systems before it actually happens.

Right now the companies only source of income comes from consulting their software and tailoring it to companies specific needs, the CEO of Sentian AI Martin Rugfelt predicts that they will be able to rely more on subscription services as soon as 2019, but even then the software will have to be tailored to different companies needs.