At IBM Watson Summit Denmark 2017, The Danish startup, BotSupply won the IBM award 2017. A panel of experts chose BotSupply as the startup with the most potential and promise out of the six who pitched. 

The event took place at DR Koncerthuset where AI Enthusiasts and experts gathered for a day of knowledge sharing. The main focus of the summit was allocated to cognitive technologies and AI.

According to IBM Cognitive technologies will all businesses be ‘cognitive at the core’, within a few years,  This will, in turn, strengthen the foundation of the business and the decisions that are being made on a continuous basis.

Six startups working with cognitive technologies

As part of the summit, BotSupply was chosen along with five other startups that work with: AI, Cognitive Computing, and Big Data Analytics to participate in the Startup Event. The competing startups presented a pitch that highlighted how they use technology to create maximum value, how their startup is built up and explained their business model.

The prize BotSupply received was both a trophy and a check for 120.000 USD worth of Bluemix credits to be used on Watson technologies.

“We look forward to persisting in dedicating all its efforts on continuing to help digitize Denmark by creating a new ecosystem for AI.  This new ecosystem is powered by AI Scientists, Bot Engineers, and Creatives that leverage the capacity of cutting-edge technologies for creating top-notch cognitive solutions for companies searching to implement AI. We call this process Co-Creation of AI”, says The BotSupply team in a press release.