The startup Biohax International and its founder Jowan Österlund have recently received attention and publicity from BBC, Forbes, Financial Times and Vice.

Österlund is considered to be one of the world’s foremost so-called biohackers, with over 4 000 implanted chips on the merit list. The chip is put into the hand and operates as identification to effect electronic payments or open electronic locks (e.g. for SJ commuters).

The company was founded as a side project and it has no competitors so far. Various companies worldwide have been contacting Biohax’s founder for customised software to create specific chips for them.

“It has been completely hysterical. A lot of companies chase me to cooperate, not least in the automotive industry with companies like Volvo, Audi and Daimler,” says Jowan Österlund to Rapidus.

Following the establishment in London, the next step will be to develop a procedure manual and certification process, as well as patent the business idea.

Österlund has been financing the business by himself – however, he expects to get investments in 2019.

Source: Rapidus.