The Lund-based company Bjorkstrom Robotics is set to streamline the construction industry with a new technology for AR-glasses. 

The company’s CEO and founder, Kristofer Björkström, has together with his team of software developers, architects and construction industry experts developed the technology behind their new product, which will be called “Hägring”.

By attaching engineering skills to augmented reality (AR) glasses, they have created a product that layers whatever you want on top of your own vision, which creates a full 3D experience. Basically, the product makes it possible to upload architectural drawings and see them in front of you in full scale, making it easier to visualize construction projects in their real environment and size before they are built.

Hägring is believed to be a useful tool for architects, real estate developers and construction companies.

“We will initially focus on reaching out to real estate brokerages that can take advantage of the technology in their sales processes; and to architectural firms that can use it help clients better understand architectural models.” – Kristofer Björkström

A prototype will be demonstrated for several contractors and manufactures within the coming weeks. The actual product is expected to be released in the beginning of next year, with the possibility to preorder it in December 2016.

The team is based at the Ideon Science Park in Lund, and has been working on the product since 2015. The project has so far been backed by more than SEK 200 000 (20 000 €) from Almi and Vinnova, according to 8till5.