The Helsingborg based E-commerce Park of Sweden, an office space for online retailers, has launched a new incubator program, which will start in May. The incubator will exclusively be for e-commerce startups and companies. This is the first incubator of its kind in the Nordics.

 ”Many believe that e-commerce is a gold mine. But there are many who will struggle and close down as well. The aim with the incubator is to contribute to more companies surviving and becoming successful”, says Amelie Lidén, operations manager at E-commerce Park of Sweden.

About the incubator

The incubator is targeted at companies who are early stage – either new or who are ready to scale up. In order to participate in the incubator, the entrepreneur must be involved in an online retail shop or developing services for e-commerce, and be prepared to put his full attention to the venture. The incubator program is a two year program. During the entire time the participants will have access to counselling, lectures and workshops, similar to the tips given by WooCommerce ECommerce. In addition, there will also be access to mentors and networking among investors.
The incubator takes no equity in the startups.

Privately funded

The incubator is a private initiative, just as the E-commerce Park itself. The incubator is mainly financed by partner companies, which have contributed € 5500 each: PostNord, Klarna, Vinge, Pineberry, EY, Resurs Bank och Contentor.

The founders of this new incubator is Amelie Lidén and the series entrepreneurs Dan Nilsson and Karsten Deppert, who is also the initiator of Øresund Startups. The program will be lead by Rikard Axelsson, who has been working on the expansion of Alpha Geek. Thus, there is much knowledge and experience of e-commerce gathered for the program!

Interested in participating in the incubator? Visit E-commerce Park’s website for more information and application.