Sol Voltaics, a Lund-based Solar Nanowire startup, officially appointed Arno Stassen as its new Director of Product Marketing. This appointment is deemed to make the company closer to commercializing of its efficiency-boosting PV nanowire technology.  The company is happy about this decision, describing it as “another major win”.

“His experience, reputation and technology expertise will add a new dynamism to our management team as we continue to improve our offering and fulfill our ambition of bringing this transformative technology to the market,” – commented Erik Smith, CEO of  Sol Voltaics.

Sol Voltaics improves efficiency of solar energy capture, generation and storage through the use of nanomaterials and Arno Stassen, just like that Marketing Company, will help the company bring their revolutionary technology to the market.

Dr. Stassen has over ten-year experience in the global solar energy industry.  He has led numerous industry R&D programs in the field of crystalline silicon solar cells at Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN).  He has also contributed to the 2014 and 2015 International Technology Roadmap for Photovoltaic (ITRPV), a leading organization in the PV industry.  His last position was the head of business development at PV energy division of Heraeus Group. Arno Stassen comments his appointment in an official press-release:

“Having worked in advanced PV for the past 10 years, I fully understand the current limitations for the industry in achieving breakthrough efficiency technology at low costs. Sol Voltaics’ compelling tandem-layer technology and novel Aerotaxy® nanowire manufacturing process show enormous potential to enable module efficiency improvements up to and above 30%.”

Dr. Stassen has great confidence in Sol Voltaics. Not only because its revolutionary technology can transform the mainstream energy solutions, but also because the mainstream energy market needs this company.

Stassen’s appointment follows Sol Voltaics’ record 140M SEK ($17 million) series C funding round in May, the largest European solar technology funding round secured by a start-up in the past two years. See previous report.  Among other funding rounds are 100M SEK (€11.6M) capital injection in 2013.

This year Sol Voltaic also announced a successful alignment of gallium-arsenide nano-wires in a thin film, which is a major technology breakthrough, that showed a measurable progress towards Sol Voltaics’ ambition to the final commercial product.