Norban, a Malmö-based startup recently raised another new round of €3.4 million (SEK 34) million capital from investors Neptunia Invest and Beijer Venture.

Founded in 2019 by Per Hedenmark, Adrian Miller, and Daniel Bergström, the startup has an app which provides a service known as Pre-market, where the seller himself publishes the details of his home to reach more buyers.

“By simplifying and improving the purchase and sale of homes, we have created a hysterical demand. We get in about 10 new home sellers a day and have already sold homes to a total value of over SEK 1 billion “, says Norban’s CEO and co-founder Per Hedenmark in a press release sent out due to the capital injection. 

The startup will use the new capital to develop the product and further accelerate the pace of housing markets in Sweden and internationally. Norban’s services are available in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Helsingborg, and Lund and have sold over 400 homes since inception.

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