This week we are starting with a new feature – coloumns by key people in the region. Our first one to be introduced is Michael Tiberg, who is beind the ambitious Øredev conferences. But Michael has now taken it one step further and started Foo Café – which is not even a café, but rather a meetingplace with alot of events and seminars. And we mean alot – Michaels ambition has been to create “the never-ending conference”, a place where there are lectures / seminars and workshops every day, all day!

Here we will let Michael talk and tell about what he finds interesting, what events are upcoming and his view of things. Currectly the focus is, of course, events hosted at Foo Café.

And conviniently today Metro Sweden made a big story about Michael and the CoderDojo seminariums that are held at Foo Café.

Focus at Foo Café the next couple of weeks:

Software development is not only about writing code. You need to understand various methodologies. This week will we focus on BDD (Behavior Driven Design) on Thursday evening.

Ruby and Sencha
Write less and accomplish more. Some people refer to this as the future of modern software development. Join Ruby User Group meet-up on Thursday evening for interesting presentations and vibrant discussions. Follow-up with a presentation on Sencha (JavaScript framework), Friday morning.
End the week with a Hackathon that starts on Friday evening and will go on during the night until Saturday morning.

We also have our regular events this week: CoderDojo (every Wednesday evening), ToastMasters (every second Thursday evening) and Social Media Club (last Friday lunch every month)

Visit our website for more information or subscribe to our rss feed. All events are also in the event calendar on this site!

See you at Foo Café!
Michael Tiberg