Danish Traede works with sales solution that make business easier. It is a B2B eCommerce platform enabling brands, distributors and agents to connect and sell directly to their retailers through a simple order management system and a B2B webshop while keeping track of products, customers, orders and invoices.

Established in 2014 by Christopher Heilmann and Esben Petersen, Traede has show impressive growth. The company has so far established presence in 55 countries with a user base of over 1000 and customers’ turnover of over 45 000 000 DKK (6 000 000 euro). Among their clients are Rich & Hanc, Les Deux and Saysky.

Traede  have a characteristic way of working because they are focused on adapting new solutions to each customer. They offer modular solutions to their clients, where the customers buy only the modules that they need. According to the CEO Christopher Heilmann:

“There is no reason to have features that do not create value for one’s business. With our model, customers get a solution that fits their needs and the price adjusted accordingly “

Earlier this year included Traede entered into a partnership with e-conomic which really boosted the business. Together they offer a solution called e-traede where customers receive a sales system that automatically talk with their financial system. The favorable cooperation with e-conomic has become an encouragement for Trade to go for more integration solutions in the future. They believe that integrations between systems is what create the most value for customers

Traede is planning to continue their expansion strategy. The plan is to take one country at a time.

“We have especially many users from the United States and England, and it would be natural for us to take that road when we need to expand in the future,” shares Christopher Heilmann, CEO.