Maintaining a balance between work and a healthy lifestyle is a problem all of us face on a daily basis. To help us increase our quality of life, IAMRUNBOX has created a unique product: A backpack to keep crease-free work clothes whilst you keep active, fit and healthy.

The Lund-based startup has created this modern but Swedish styled alternative as a solution to boring gym carriers and formal overnight bags.

“As a run commuter, I found it almost impossible to pack my business attire into my backpack without getting shirts wrinkled and trousers creased and after speaking to other members of my local run-commuting community, I soon realized that I was not alone” says Kirill Noskov, founder and CEO at IAMRUNBOX

The startup is currently raising funds by using Kickstarter (support them here), an enormous global community built around creativity and innovative projects. This unique idea is using crowdfunding to help with the manufacturing costs and design future products that will make our busy lives a little bit easier. IAMRUNBOX plans to start equity funding campaign on Fundedbyme straight after Kickstarter.

“We are ready to scale the business and aiming to develop in Sweden and UK during 1st half of 2017 and looking to enter USA and Germany markets during 2nd half of 2017.” says Kirill

Other than their plans for the USA and European market, IAMRUNBOX are also studying Asia Pacific market and joining Business of Design Week in Hong Kong in December as part of Southern Sweden Creatives project where they were selected as one of 8 companies to represent Sweden.