Jakob Ekkelund has extensive experience in startups. In recent years he has worked as Investment Manager at SEED Capital, but will now proceed to the Copenhagen- based startup Templafy according to Trendsonline. Ekkelund will take on the role as COO, performing tasks such as budgeting and responsible for the company’s growth.

“I didn’t plan to change workplace. It’s been really good being an investor where one can get inspired at conferences and on boards. But I was simply too tempted by the opportunity to dive into the issues – and not just sit on the sidelines” says Jakob Ekkelund.

Templafy provides a template management system for companies: all business documents in a company will be uniform. In 2014, Templafy received investments from both SEED Capital and Sundstone Capital. Ekkelund has invested in the company too. Last summer he invested € 1,7 millions and took place in the board. During this time, Ekkelund says he has been impressed by the professionalism of Templafy.

“They are experienced entrepreneurs who know the industry. Several of them have 10 years experience of skabelondesign.dk. They are very talented at what they do. Instead of throwing out aimlessly into something, they stop and think about it before. I’m sure Templafy can be a great success if implemented correctly – and I want to be a part of that” says Jakob Ekkelund.

Previously, Ekkelund worked for the phone company TDC. He has also been a board member of Bownty, Mofibo and Vivino and been a partner in the company Designfirmaet.