Rapidus reports that a group of prominent business women have started a new investor group, the “Women Investing Networking Group”, Wing.

Wing aims to invest mainly in startups but also in listed companies. Elna Lembrér Åström, CEO of the investment group, mentioned that their first investment was made last summer in the company Undone Games, which develops the crossword app Letterme.

While Wing contributes a valuable network and extensive expertise, they do not intend to be directly involved in the day-to-day operations of the companies they invest in. The focus is on long-term, sustainable projects, with a preference for local businesses when possible.

“We will gradually invest in companies with serious, long-term projects. If possible, they will be local businesses.”

says Elna Lembrér Åström to Rapidus

Wing consists of prominent members such as Ingrid Tjersland, Camilla Dahlin, Eleni Cronström, Suzanne Norrby, Annika Wallin Jalgén, Ingela Engman, and Gunilla Rimton.