Founded in 2019, the Lund-founded and now Malmö-based, MedTech startup WordDiagnostics recently secured nearly €1 million (SEK 10 million). The investment was led by both new and existing investors. The startup also renames itself to Ablemind.

The startup was founded by Katarina Kjell, Oscar Kjell and Sverker Sikström with the aim of developing a product based on the results of over ten years of research at Lund University.

WordDiagnostics’ CEO Tomas de Souza to Rapidus:

We felt that we grew out of the old name with an offer that is much broader than diagnostics. We thought the world would return to normal this year, but the pandemic continued. Our market, which was primary care, was completely focused on vaccinations so it became difficult for us to reach out. We used that time to add a new offer where our basic technology for identifying and treating mental illness is offered to employers.

The ambition was originally to develop technology that helps caregivers the the healthcare sector with important diagnostic process and follow-up of mental health care.

In the spring of 2020, we scaled up and brought in the first investments to reach the Swedish market in the end of that year.

The first product, the Patient Report initially targets healthcare providers in Sweden, to offer effective decision support in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness.