Stratazon, a Malmö based startup for customer insights innovation, announced the addition of Christopher Malmer, former Global Customer Insight Manager for H&M, to its team. Christopher joins Stratazon as both a shareholder and advisor.

Christopher Malmer’s professional background includes significant tenure at H&M, where he was instrumental in developing and implementing global customer insights strategies. His experience is expected to enhance Stratazon’s approach to providing actionable insights for brands and product owners.

“It feels exciting to be part of Stratazon’s journey towards new ways of approaching customer insights and helping companies become customer-centric. Over the years, I have gained broad experience in customer insights, acting as both sender and receiver. Stratazon is developing interesting methods to listen to and understand customers, and I look forward to contributing to their growth and value creation for businesses.”

said Christopher Malmer

Henrik Johansson, CTO of Stratazon AB, commented on the strategic addition of Malmer to the team, highlighting it as a pivotal development for the company.

“Christopher’s extensive background in customer insights adds a valuable perspective to our team, which will be crucial as we continue to expand our services and refine our methodologies,”

Henrik stated

With this new appointment, Stratazon aims to further solidify its position in the market by integrating Malmer’s extensive industry knowledge and expertise, thereby enhancing the company’s product offerings and strategic direction in the competitive field of customer insights.