Interactive e-learning platform from Copenhagen CanopyLAB has received an investment from a group of business angels from Denmark and the United States. The sum was not disclosed but defined as “large”. The funding will put towards further development of the platform.

Launched in 2015 CanopyLAB’s innovative approach to learning make the startup stand out among its competitors. Algorithms and gamification allow CanopyLAB’s users customize their learning experience based on their preferences and personal rhythm. The platform is built around an integrated social network that allows users to also interact with each other.

The very idea of CanopyLAB appeared when Sahra-Josephine Hjorth, co-founder and CEO, was doing research in Australia, as part of her Ph.D, where she was investigating how social media can be used to create engaging and social learning. She soon discovered that existing e-learning platforms failed to create the kind of learning that are sought after by young people today. As a reaction to this Christian Scare Juul Jensen, CTO and graphic designer at CanopyLAB, developed a platform that was specifically targeting the millennials.

“It is crucial that we understand that we educate a generation of socially conscious young people who want to learn not because it is required from them, but who wish to acquire skills and knowledge that would them to make a difference in the world they live in,” – says Sahra-Josephine.

Currently the platform has already acquired 5000 users from more than 65 countries.

Recently CanopyLAB has also started tapping into learning opportunities for corporate employees. The demand turned out particularly great. For a long time CanopyLAB worked hard to develop a new platform that is also tailored to the needs of businesses. The new white-label solution will be ready in March. The platform allows companies to take online courses offered by the companies themselves, but by other companies, institutions and NGOs that use the same platform.

The platform is attractive to companies because it allows to spot talented employees while they can train their current employees and give them the opportunity to acquire new skills.

Among the investors are Jens-Peter Poulsen, former partner of PA Consulting, Joachim Majholm, journalist and entrepreneur, a resident of San Francisco, Christian Maersk Mc-Kinney Olufsen, CEO and founder of ADFECT ApS, Laila Pawlak and Kris Ostergaard behind Dare2Mansion, Peter Kragh Halling, contractor, Jørgen Balle, owner of, Eric K. Horten, partner in Mazanti-Andersen, Korsø, Jensen.