Accelerace has just selected 15 of the most promising and ambitious startup companies on the Danish entrepreneur scene for a 5-month, intensive accelerator program.

With a team of experienced entrepreneurs and business developers, Accelerace offers customized expertise, investments, and networks to help start-ups succeed through a 5-month customer driven accelerator program. Accelerace is also dedicated to developing and sharing knowledge on best practices in entrepreneurship.

The 15 new Accelerace participants are:

  • Absolute SLS
  • Telehealth
  • GroundPlug
  • Soulglow
  • Greenticket
  • 3rd Street
  • Kiggit
  • Innovaid
  • Brain+
  • Animal Care
  • Fibrenetix
  • Treat Systems

Accelerace is a somewhat different accelerator. It takes no equity in the startups, and provides instead counseling and mentoring, as well a wide network. It also gives the opportunity of a follow-up investment in the range of € 50 000 – 400 000. The terms can be found here. It is targets at startups who have a product which is on the market, or less than 12 months from the market.

Since 2008, Accelerace has spotted, trained and invested in more than 200 start-ups and spin-off companies, generating more than 400 jobs and a start-up survival rate of more than 94%, and that have raised a total of € 72 million in funding so far. Some of the previous participants include Templafy, Kirkeweb, Abeo, Me-Mover, Conferize, GraduateLand, Queue-it. More recent startups are Penneo, who won the best company award at Accelerace Investor Day 2014, and Magick and Coinify who tied for best pitch of the day.