During four days in August the web will be the focus of an event called Swedish Social Web Camp (SSWC). A camp held on the small island Tjärö in the archipelago in southern Sweden. During this unique event the hottest topics in the mobile, web and App industry will be discussed. The event is widely regarded as the most influental unconference for these subjects in Scandinavia.

“Everything from how to build Apps and Websites to how you can earn money through mobile services will likely to be discussed.” says Tomas Wennström

Last year more than 350 people participated in the event and SSWC already sold 200 tickets in the first days since the tickets went for sale this year. Whilst mega sponsor Google sponsored last years’ SSWC, this year their sponsors include start-up Memoto and the American Salesforce.

The event is known for it’s great atmosphere, openness and great place to connect with other important people.

Where: Blekingeön Tjärö (Sweden)
When: 15-18 August, 2013

Tickets can be bought here