A new blog with focus on board work in startups will be launched this May. The initiators of the project are Stefan K. Madsen, co-founder CEO of Echo.it, Kristian Holte, a startup lawyer, and Lars Torpe Christoffersen, co-founder of Echo.it and a board member of many projects.

“The idea came half a year to a year ago. I have background in private equity funds and know how efficient Board may be if done well. So I talked to Kristian Holte, and he had the same thoughts. Later Lars Torpe came across. For a long time he has been tired of the way the board functions in general, so we decided to combine our efforts” explains Stefan K. Madsen to Trendsonline.

The goal of the website is to provide entrepreneurs with useful information about effective board work. Among other things it will also be a reporting site and a place to look for useful webtools. The website is registerested at the Startupboardroom.com domain and will be run in English.