9th year in a row Ny Teknik and Affärsvärlden run 33-listan (the list of 33), where they present a list of the most promising Swedish companies. To qualify for a nomination, a company has to be less than 7 years old and work with innovation.

This year’s list has witnessed some 200 nominations of various companies from all over Sweden. Among the 33 finalists are seven companies from Southern Sweden, according to 8till5.

  1. Acconeer – Lund-based startup that develops sensors for next generation portable devices. Acconeer was established in 2011. Estimated product launch is 2017.
  2. Anima – Malmo-based company that makes smart watches and jewelry. Anima was established less than a year ago but has already raised 94 mln SEK (10 mln euro) from a Chinese company Goertek. The first collection of watches will be presented at the end of this year.
  3. Mapillary – Malmo-based company that works wih crowdsourced map solution as an alternative to Google Maps. It is the 3rd time Mapillary lands among 33-listan companies. This year Mapillary also took in a 68 mln SEK (over 7 mln euro) investment to scale its operations.
  4. Nattaro Labs – Lund-based company that develops products and services to prevent and combat bedbugs. The company was founded in 2011. Nattaro Labs has established a partnership with one of Germany’s largest distributors of pest control: PPS GmbH.
  5. Orbital Systems – Malmo-based company that uses space technologies to reuse 90% of shower water and 80% of heat. It is the 2nd time Orbital Systems lands among the 33-listan companies.
  6. Senzagen – Lund-based company that develops a technology for creating allergy tests without animal experiments. At the beginning of the year Senzagen signed an agreement with an international pharmaceutical company. It is the 2nd time Senzagen is on the 33-listan.
  7. Spiideo – Malmo-based company that develops software for image analysis and a service for advanced video recording.