This is part of Foo Cafés column about what happens at there event space.

This week we are focusing on Big Data. As usual there is a mix of events from seminars to workshops delivered by user groups, organisations and our partners. IT-professionals and scholars share their experiences at various events including several workshops. Check them out …


Big Data: Technological and Research Insights and Challenges begins at 17.15


Learn more about Applied Artificial Intelligence
Open Hack workshop – Code for Humanity Challenges and Ideation


The afternoon begins with a new meet-up for Partners and Spouses.
In the evening Axis will share their experiences on Which tests should I run?
At the same Neo4j will present what benefits you can receive when you have a Graph database with loads of data.


We begin with a LUCKc breakfast on Leadership and Big Data.
StartUp Dojo – by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs; and OpenHack Workshop – Code for Humanity Technical Training are evening events.


Calling all women. Come practice software development. Everyone is welcome, from beginners to professionals.

First week of December

November 30: A Digital UI meet-up about How to innovate and design for success.

December 1: Women in Tech have an event about How to increase the number of women in tech. At the same time GameDev, a new meet-up group, will have its first event on How to make a game.

December 2 is time for:
Code for Humanity Coaches Pre-Event Training is open for designers and coders who love to teach and help others develop their products

And the week ends with the Hackathon
Open Hack
Register for the Code for Humanity Open Hack on December 4-6

More information about Open Hack:

Other events taking place in December are:
December 8 – Internet of Things Malmö on the topic ofIoT that really matters. There will be a first meet-up for #MeraKrypto at the same time.
December 9 – An evening with focus on Words – What you say may have a larger impact than you can imagine.

And there’s more is in the pipeline. Keep a check on our schedule at

See you soon
Michael, Carina, Melinda & Ebba