, a danish startup has received capital from renowned investors and is expected to be a big step towards building a stronger foundation of the bus industry. The startup plans on expanding to other European markets with this capital influx. has developed an algorithm that calculates the price for the desired trip when the customer has entered their wishes. Once the calculation is done, it provides an easy overview of the market including prices from all relevant bus companies. From there, the customer can just look through the offers and find the one that best suits their desires. The customer can use the buses for trips to and from the airport, Christmas parties, sports events and the like.

The company has attracted interest from some big investment profiles in the innovation sector, namely SEED Capital, Væksfonden and Midtjyske Iværksætterfond. The total amount invested is around 8 million DKK (€ 1 million). It has also added two new board members, Rasmus Busk, Managing Director at Verisure and Sven-Eric Nilsson, CEO of STYLEPIT.

“My role is to be a sparring partner in everyday life. I’m not just a figurehead. Bus is an overlooked means of transport. And it is quite natural to create an algorithm that can price, what a ride should cost. There is real potential in this business here. ” says Rasmus Busk in Trends Online.

With success and a strong hold in the Danish market, the startup plans to branch out into new markets. This is possible and easier with branch registration services.

“We are already starting to create appointments in Germany and England, and eventually we would like to scale up to cover the general European market,” says Hasse Eriksen, CEO of intends to use the potential of buses and their algorithm to improve the transportation industry.