Mofibo, a Danish start-up that offers brand new e-book serivce, has received a six digit euro investment from Venture Fund SEED Capital. Led by serial entrepreneur Morten Strunge, Mofibo will be launched in summer of 2013 but has already been predicted to have a bright future, reports Trends Online.

Along with such services as Spotify and Netflix, Mofibo will offer a service of reading books wherever and whenever one wants for a fixed fee of 100 Danish kronor per month. The service will be available for online use or via Mofibo’s apps for Android, iPhone or iPad.

E-book market is rapidly growing. However, while in the US its market share has reached 30% in Denmark it amounts only to about 2%. Seed Capital sees a huge potential in Mofibo.

“Mofibo operates in a highly interesting and untapped market. There are no established players in the Danish e-book sector and we are confident that Mofibo will position itself as the leading e-book provider,” says Investment Manager at SEED Capital, Jakob Ekkelund

According to Morten Strunge, having SEED capital on board will help Mofibo to have a rapid take off.

“The money will secure both marketing and continued development of Mofibo’s platforms. At the same time SEED Capital a highly skilled investor who knows how to challenge management at the right areas,” shares Morten Strunge.

Another aspect of potential success is qualified professionals behind the project. Peter Lüth, IT specialist and Morten Meisner, director of communications agency Revolt, together form a strong innovative team that will help to revolutionize Danish e-book market.

“Mofibo is developed by experienced and innovative entrepreneurs in their fields and together they form a strong team. A constellation is characterized by successful business men in their respective territories,” says James Ekkelund.

Good luck and looking forward to Mofibo’s launch!