The Copenhagen co-living space for entrepreneurs, Nest, has announced that they will start hosting BoosterDinners, in a collaboration with Væksthuset.

Startups get input from residents

The new collaboration with Væksthuset entails a sponsored “BoosterDinner” with Nest Copenhagen. Væksthuset picks one startup. Before the dinner, the company sends a one-page pitch and with 4-5 main challenges they face. The Nest Residents then read the one-pager, do research on the company and prepare answers to their questions beforehand.

At the BoosterDinner, a nice dinner (with wine) is consumed, and the following agenda:

  1. A Q&A from the residents to clarify the current state of the startup.
  2. Nest Residents give casual feedback over dinner with the various founders/employees of the startup
  3. By the end of the dinner, Nest residents summarize their key points from the discussions.
  4. The startups founders/employees share what they gained from the talks and what they are going to do next.
  5. Nest connects with the founders and tell them that they can reach out to any of them afterwards if we can be of any help.

Afterwards, some more wine and drinks might be consumed.

A great opportunity for input and feedback

“Personally, I would only dream of having that kind of feedback back when I started eight years ago.” says Daniel Jensen, from Nest.

The initiative is a way for Væksthuset to help the entrepreneurial environment, by doing other initiatives than mentoring. In this case, the founders get in contact with 21 experienced entrepreneurs with a great variety of backgrounds and field of expertise.

“All the Nest Residents are passionate about helping others – and we greatly appreciate that Væksthuset is ‘on-board’ with trying this new concept. It is concepts like this; that can help further the community and #cphftw.”

The goal is to help entrepreneurs grow their business.

“We want to give fellow entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to have access to counseling and cooperation with the 21 creative residents of Nest Copenhagen.”

The aim is to create a cosy atmosphere whereby entrepreneurs can get informal inputs to their business without empty talk and buzzwords. Furthermore, the initiative was done to show that new ideas and concepts are developed as part of the #cphftw movement.

If you want further info, reach out to Nest.