The Danish startup IntroDus , which helps companies to be integrated with their human resources, has added a million digit from two business angels.

IntroDus selected these business angels, basing on their experience, not on their wallet, according to a press release by IntroDus. For these businesses to thrive, they can capitalize on tools such as a Knowledgebase Software.

The startup applies an innovative pre-and onboarding platform as a tool for employee’s “time-to-performance” by up to 85%. It also helps companies to increase retention of businesses by up to 79%.

IntroDus, which started in December 2016, currently stations nine employees and has customers in Denmark, Sweden, France, UK, Singapore and Japan. Over a year, the company has raised its capital by adding about a million DK amount. 

The platform of the startup helps new employees before and after embarking a job to achieve a high performance and to reduce mistakes. An error can cost half a million; a problem that IntroDus wants to solve. That’s why undergoing training like Six Sigma Master Black Belt can be a huge difference-marker.

It’s not just mistakes that cost. The current recruitment process requires many resources to be alloted by companies for training, introduction and transfer. Furthermore, more than 800,000 Danes changed jobs in 2016, according to the Parliamentary Employment Committee. This resulted in additional burdens for employers.

“We help and create work security for new employees, and that security creates good performance. We, jointly with a number of reports from major analysts, advise our customer in this regard, “emphasizes Anders Thorup, the CEO and co-founder of IntroDus.

By raising its capital, the startup will have the opportunity to target even more countries and upgrade the home market. Besides, Introdus has experienced an increased demand for their solutions, according to the press release.

So far, the startup has its biggest market in Denmark, but currently even operates in ,many other countries.

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