Founded in 2019 by Petros, Mads and Jens, Zymoscope is a Danish foodtech startup disrupting the growing fermentation market through data-driven fermentation management. With non-invasive, real time, data-driven fermentation management tool, the startup enable microbreweries to gather data and gives highly accurate reports of their brewing process and to reduce waste with sensor technologies. 

The Amsterdam based Rockstart accelerator-VC recently announced its co-investment in Zymoscope, a round of €960k which included Danish business angel Mads Heine and Vaekstfonden (The Danish Growth Fund) as well.

“ Zymoscope is helping to digitize the centuries old technique of fermentation, which once again is poised to ignite our food industry. With a passion for the fermentation craft combined with the right mix of skills, the Zymoscope team are set to make a big impact on a growing segment, which is why we are excited at the opportunity to invest.” says Mark Durno, Managing Partner Rockstart AgriFood

The startup plans to use the funding to expand its team and get competences with strong skills in development and sales to further develop the platform and officially commercialize their product.

“A huge milestone achieved. Looking back at one of our goals to raise a (pre)-seed round upon completion of the Rockstart AgriFood program, we can state we have achieved that. We would like to thank Rockstart, Vækstfonden, Mads Heine and the rest of the investors for trusting in us. The capital will be used for expanding our team and getting key FTE with strong skills in software development and sales, in order to further develop our platform and officially commercialize our product in Q1 2022,” stated Petros Venetopoulos, co-founder and CEO of Zymoscope.

Zymoscope has been part of Rockstart AgriFood 2020 and the first round of funding came during their participation in Rockstart AgriFood’s acceleration program. Presently, the startup is working with six Danish breweries and aims to commercialize the product on the craft brewing market in 2021. Zymoscope continues to succeed, the team are already planning to expand across the whole food and beverage industry.