It is no secret that sustainability is on the agenda all over the world, and the UN World Goals are currently considered to be the biggest business opportunity.

Christian Madsen and Jakob Heiberg, founders of the Danish pizza restaurant chain Gorm’s, have decided to follow the trend and invest millions in a new sustainability initiative, which will help accelerate the green transition by matching real needs in the private and public sector with green innovative solutions. The main goal of the initiative is “making green business good business”.

The company will use the BIFROST platform, that was developed by three young Danish entrepreneurs Frederik van Deurs, Martin Petersen and Joachim Almdal, who are additionally initiators of Green Innovation Group A/S. They have noticed the need for cooperation between municipalities, ministries, foundations, agencies and large companies to find more sustainable alternatives to packaging materials, explore smarter ways of garbage recycling and discover digital energy-saving solutions. The platform provides opportunities to find the perfect match in the market.

“It is incredibly difficult, nearly impossible even, for companies and organizations to identify the right solutions and stay updated. In a market that is constantly changing and where artificial intelligence and IoT play an increasingly important role, it is about being early and finding the best innovative solutions. It is alpha and omega to be first-mover, and that is what BIFROST helps companies to become”, says Frederik van Deurs.

BIFROST has already got a good hold of the market, and in just one year the company has grown from three to 30 employees. There are customers in eight different markets, and over 4 000 sustainable innovations have been mapped. According to Frederik van Deurs, the new capital injection is an important step in being able to bring even more sustainable solutions to the right customers.

“With BIFROST we have had successful collaborations with companies such as. E.ON Denmark, and we now receive many inquiries from municipalities and companies that demand sustainable solutions. With the extra millions in the back, we are now ready to really get out of the ramp and connect sustainable solutions throughout the world.” concludes Frederik van Deurs.