Within the start up community we can argue that unconferences are the “new black”. The second edition of the unconference Camp Ven will take place 16th – 18th of August.

The aim with this unconference is to build interesting, fulfilling personal and professional relationships between people within the Startup community. Together they strive to create a couple of days where people will be surrounded by like-minded, driven and creative individuals in a relaxed, stimulating environment! Therefore the well-picked target group extends from angel investors to lawyers, founders, organisers of happenings connected to this world and other people possessing good start-up information. They believe that this unpretentious way of hanging out, including two nights sleep-over, deepens the human connections in a new way. The place is selected by its symbolic location: an island in between two countries.

Behind Camp Ven we find several important contributors for the start up community in the Nordics:

Mindpark: the creative coworking and event space in Helsingborg, serving as home to numerous small and big companies, startups, incubators, accelerators, great events and inspiring meetings.

#CPHFTW and Michael Bak: grass-roots and a non-profit organisation representing and working for the tech startups in Denmark and the Öresund Region with the ambition is to make Denmark and the Öresund Region one of the best places in the world to grow your business as a tech startup.

ArcticStartup: from Finland, that reports on digital startups and growth entrepreneurship from the Nordic and Baltic countries and organises Arctic15, a yearly international matchmaking startup event. 

#MalmöStartups: working actively to improve the startup community in the south of Sweden, community builders who help people get involved in startups in Malmö, Lund and Helsingborg!

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