is a platform that tries to collect all data from established auction houses under one digital roof. The founders Mads Hallas Bjerg and Johan Laidlaw started the company back in 2015 and have recently received their first capital injection. They now want to use the investment to make auction houses more accessible and user- friendly.

“We want to help the user away from earlier chaos where you had to search many different auction houses and survey the markets,” explains Mads Hallas Bjerg in an interview with Børsen.

The two founders have managed to attract the attention of investor Lars Seier Christensen and the founders of Better Collective A/S Jesper Søgaard and Christian Dam Rasmussen. Lars Seier Christensen does not want to elaborate on the investment but has a positive outlook on the startup’s future.

A crowded but profitable market

Mearto is not alone on the market and they have, since their founding, had to get acquainted with their competition.

“For a couple of weeks, we lived in blissful ignorance, but as it often is with entrepreneurs, suddenly something similar popped up and we realised that there are many on this digital market,” elaborates Mads Hallas Bjerg

By focusing on the user experience, the two founders aim to differentiate themselves from their competition. Mearto will only be a connection point between the user and the auction house without facilitating the actual sales. This way, they are able to establish partnerships with big auction houses, who wish to handle trade on their own.

Bjerg and Laidlaw are quite confident about their digital capabilities. What they lack is knowledge of the auction industry and connections within the auction houses. The two founders, therefore, hope to gain network and knowledge through their experienced investors

With both capital and guidance at their disposal, Mearto wants to become the Momondo of auction houses. The auction market has become increasingly open to online trade and Mearto’s end goal is to facilitate this trade on a global platform.