Bellmetric, Copenhagen-based startup that helps companies to track data visitor’s behavior on the web with regards to phone calls, has received an six digit euro investment from SEED Capital that will provide them with the right foundation for further expansion, reports TrendsOnline.

The company was founded by Janus Lindau, Mads-Emil Larsen, Mikkel Bach Mortensen and Asser Schroeder Femø. The demand of Bellmetric’s service was proven by interest from about 100 customers a day.

“You could say that the call-tracking represents a missing link between marketing activities and phone calls, which means that companies can document and optimize their marketing and sales efforts,” says Mads-Emil Gellert Larsen, Commercial Director and co-founder of Bellmetric, to TrendsOnline.

Bellmetric has picked up the trend in business optimization. According to SEED Capital, the company has a very strong team with a good commercial understanding and a highly scalable business model. This is exactly what made SEED Capital interested in Bellmetric.

“We are very pleased to have them in our portfolio,” said Tore Sylvester Jeppesen, Investment Manager at SEED Capital.

The investment is an opportunity for Bellmetric to expand abroad.

“To start with, we will provide call tracking to Northern Europe and then the rest of the EU and U.S. The investment has also enabled us to further develop our product and we hope soon to present next product extension,” says Janus Lindau, CEO and co -founder of Bellmetric.