Body Barista is a Copenhagen based startup founded by Peter Falk that wants to improve the way we measure our shape and improve our progress when trying to get more physically fit. Body Barista uses patented technology to create a very accurate body scan and measurements from each muscle group only from taking two pictures inside the app. The company states that the app has a 34% better accuracy than the average body scale, and far better accuracy than using measuring tape. They’ve also launched a beta version which measures body fat with great accuracy.

“Health-conscience people deserve to get the true knowledge about their physique within seconds, something only fitness professionals had the knowledge and time to achieve in the old days.” – Peter Falk, Founder

The companies vision is to disrupt the classical way of measuring our ourselves and our progress through body scales, as the company states that body scales lacks the accuracy when measuring, and also only gives us one rudimentary number to work from, not giving information about which muscle groups and body parts actually have seen progress from fitness and health improvements by doing exercise and sports, and the use of equipment like an amazon ankle brace is great for this. The app launched in 2013 and already has more than 25000 downloads but are aiming to reach a bigger audience, they’ve recently launched their product on Product Hunt.