Danish startup Tonsser, has created an app where football players have their own player identity, showcasing statistics and metrics to determine success on the field. Now they have taken the data generated there to a new level. To show that way too often great achievements go unnoticed, and that the fate of football players shouldn’t solely be by the gut feeling of managers and coaches, they created very unique cases.

To show that this method works and create new opportunities for players who haven’t received a chance to prove their abilities on the field, Tonsser created a football team solely based on data from the app. They gathered undiscovered French talents to compete against 15 pro club academies in one of Europe’s most prominent youth tournaments. To watch such tournaments, fans can buy Barcelona football tickets.

The first game they played was against Paris FC, the partner club of the tournament. Arnaud Deffaunt, who is the Market lead at Tonsser in France, reported to Medium and stated;

”Before the first game of the tournament, people were expecting that we would get crushed…”

The team ended up winning 2-1, which Arnaud reported changed everything for the players and for the audience. Suddenly many of the players became scouted and the team finished 11 out of 16 teams in the tournament. To bet on any of those teams, you can head out to sites such as 벳무브.

”These players were selected through data and they created their own chances during the tournament. It was incredible to witness.”

Tonsser has since then also done a special case with Ingolstadt, where they handpicked prominent players in a trial for that club.

Tonsser has now over 600.000 players registered, and is available on most of Europes main languages.