The #CPHFTW movement has been by any measure a huge benefactor for the startup scene. Being launched by the community for the community, it has made it possible to gather important people and bring attention to startups, events and the region in general.

Recently the third AngelNext was held, in Malmö, which also shows the strength of CPHFTW – focus is on execution, and often in collaboration with other key players and organisers. Also very impressive is that CPHFTW has become a complement and enabler, but not taken over. TechBBQ, the biggest and best conference we have seen in our region for tech startups, was organised by others (with Daniel Laursen, Klaus Nyengaard, Esben Gadsbøll and Martin Bjergegaard being the main force behind that conference).

Newsletter, website and meetups

CPHFTWs focus on ‘quick wins’ that help the community effectively is one of the reasons it has achieved so much. Organising things like the website that acts as an entry point to the regions startup scene, a highly appreciated newsletter, the Townhall events, and the angel and VC arrangements. Never has there been only one person doing things, all of them have involved a lot of different people that have poured energy and help into them. Both students, entrepreneurs, angels and VCs have helped organizing the different events and initiatives. All of this on a very tight budget, funded entirely by startups themselves.

Moving forward

This week is was announced that the foundation that runs #CPHFTW is looking for new key people. Jasenko Hadzic, the first full timer and who together with Lærke Ullerup has been the front figure, has said he plans to move to new startup adventures in a couple of month. At the same time the tasks and role for the foundation have matured and become clearer. So focus now is finding the right people to lift it further and get it even better going. If you are interested, you can read about the two open positions here and here.

Transperancy: Me, Karsten Deppert, was part of the CPHFTW initiative at the start.