#CPHFTW, the community initiative by startups for startups, has today announced who will take over after Jasenko Hadzic, as the new ‘Head of CPHFTW’. Christoffer H. Malling will take that role, and the high profile task of doing the best things for the startup ecosystem.

As previously, a lot of the focus by #CPHFTW is on easy wins – on doing things that bring a lot of value but require little effort. The fall is already being planned, with Town Halls, VC dinners and Angel events in the pipeline. However, Christoffer will surely influence what and how things are done.

“We’re certain that Christoffer will move things forward, build and enforce the community – both online and offline and he will be able to ignite both conversations, big dreams and action. We’ve come a long way in a very short time – we’ve built a strong platform and created a shared voice. Now it’s time to take it to a new level with more great people on board. We’re super excited on behalf of everybody who belong to the tech startup community in Copenhagen” says Lærke Ullerup in the announcement.

#CPHFTW will continue to build on the energy and commitment from all the volunteers that have made it what is it. And aims to bring as much value as possible, to the ecosystem in total, and the funding startups.

“I will work hard to both listen to the community and execute on the current successful activities. This first means that I will continue working closely with all the advisory circles, volunteers and partners, but also my door will always be open to anyone from the community who wish to talk or help. I will begin with meeting up with members of the community to get a sense on the most important priorities so we can quickly act on these.” says Christoffer

Things in the pipeline include plans such as making the scene more international – attracting the right attention, people and investments to Copenhagen. But also to make sure #CPHFTW is the entry point for anyone interesting in getting to know the community, be it new entrepreneurs or visiting investors.

Read the full announcement here.