The #cphftw initiative has come a long way. Started less then a year ago as a hashtag, driven by group effort by numerous entrepreneurs in the city, it got it’s official first grand Townhall meet-up in February. Yesterday, the initiative was awarded the “Best entrepreneur initiative of 2014” by the politicians at the Danish parliament, Christiansborg.

The award was announced at the inauguration of Startup Borgen event, and politician Brian Mikkelsen personally handed it over to Jasenko Hadzic, who since august have gotten the trust to be front figure of #cphftw, and who will be joined by Lærke Ullerup.

“I feel proud to be representing #CPHFTW and I find it a very hopeful sign for the future that the parliament sees what is happening on the startup scene. Also, I hope that the entrepreneurial activity taking place at the Danish Parliament this weekend during Startup Borgen will have a positive effect on the politicians going forward.” says Jasenko Hadzic.

One of the initiators behind Startup Borgen, Jacob Vahr Svenningsen says:

“The award is intended to give policy-makers insights into whats happening in the startup environment. They need to open their eyes to how awesome we are creating something together, and that a more global focus from startup scene in Denmark is well underway. All of this requires us all to pull together with support from government, media and the entire Danish population. All of which is necessary for us to have that entrepreneurial spirit and culture we all hunger for in Denmark.”

Uniting the scene

#CPHFTW is recognised for it’s ability to act as a common platform for different initiatives and meet-ups in the region, as well as getting key people from startups, both new and established, to meet. It’s focus on broadening the startup scene and achieving ‘quick wins’ has catalysed the community, especially for new startups and outsiders to the current scene.

“#CPHFTW – Copenhagen for the win – has managed to garner the Danish entrepreneur scene in an impressive short time. Its an initiative that has come out of a whole bunch of enthusiasts and a joint effort, where the organisation has raised its own money through the startups, for the benefit of the entire startup scene”

– said Brian Mikkelsen when handing over the prize.

Open source community

#CPHFTW is also a new way of building community and helping startups. It is funded by the startups themselves, and started and run by veteran people from the scene. It’s open source model to community building is also pushing the borders of what can be done in todays society. It’s ‘coffee clubs’ – small groups working on improving the startup scene – is open for anyone but focuses and getting things done.

The inititaive is also recognised for the effect it has had on the outside view of Copenhagens eco-system, acting as an easy entry-point and overview of what happens in the city.

“I often hear stories from VCs, angels and established entrepreneurs that they finally have something to point towards when US or European friends ask for insights on startup activity in Copenhagen. This makes me very happy, and having a digital platform that gives a good overview is one of the simple but extremely valuable focus areas we have prioritised since the very beginning.” says Jasenko

The biggest ever tech meetup in Denmark

If you want to know more about #CPHFTW you can get an overview of what we have published on it previously and of course, check out the official website.

The fourth Townhall is coming up on 21th November at the Grey Hall in Christiania (sign up here), where 1000+ startup people will be assembled. Among the top speakers are David Helgason from Unity, who just appointed former EA veteran as CEO – and is one of the hottest startups in the region. Thorvald Stigsen founder of Momondo will be there, which just raised € 100 million!

The townhall will be different from the other events by having more facilitated networking and match-making session, so that the many attendees will also have a chance to connect and exchange ideas in a greater way than possible before.

Big congratulations to #CPHFTW for the award and see you on November 21st for Denmarks biggest tech gathering ever!