Today, June 3rd, was the second official #CPHFTW Town Hall Meeting, initiated by entrepreneurs of Copenhagen and it was great! The major development since the last gathering is a Manifesto draft to guide the development of Danish ecosystem. And here’s its major points:

  1. For startups by startups or peer to peer approach.
    “There are lots of great resources available around so lets look at each other, get inspired and learn.”

  2. Uniting startups of Copenhagen.
    “What happens if we get to know about each other’s existence and start including everyone?”
  3. For the world, the web and the w…
    “We are not just funky people in startup, we want to do something for the world and make us visible. We are starting to discover our story and the value we add”

Points for the future – how to manage the ecosystem?
Next point on the Danish ecosystem planing agenda is figuring out management issues – so what is exactly needed to create governance and structure that would make this community work in the most effective way. Today’s #CPHFTW Town Hall meeting is a start of a process. It will continue over the summer, join the discussion. Your opinion is wanted.

Missing pieces of the ecosystem puzzle
Having learned that working together they can get much better, Danish entrepreneurs developed a common mentality. And this shared vision will have a chance to flourish in a startup village – a new co-working space with focus on tech startups. A great number of former warehouses have a potential to become a new hotspot for tech activity in Copenhagen, an initiative that was undertaken by the Foudner’s House together with startups in later growth stages.