This spring seems to be a crazy period for hacks and hackathons! As we have noted earlier, this region might definitely be the event hotspot of the Nordic startup scene – and that blog-post was only focusing on big events. The same seems to be true with hackathons!

Lot’s of hacks in 2014

We don’t know if it was the dark winter that inspired people to come together and decide to plan hackathons, but for some reason they all seem concentrated now in the spring, when the weather is at it’s best.

Some hacks have already taken place, such as the cool ‘solve a problem for bicycles using 3D prototyping’ #3Dhack, the Electronic Music Hack (held twice this so far this year), and Sony’s Ludum Dare game hack.

However, still a bunch of really cool, different and unique hackathons are still waiting to happen:

  • 10 – 11 May: Wearable Hack – a weekend dedicated to bringing technology and cloths, wearables together. For anyone who has ideas of how to improve clothes with technology, or wants to create the next fitbit, fuel band or google glasses.
  • 23 May: Alten Hackathon – Alten together with Sony and Axis arranges a hackathon with focus on intelligent cameras and wearables
  • 23 – 25 May: Startup Weekend – Launch a startup n 54 hours. A 3 day long session where teams are creating new products and services.
  • 23 – 25 May: Arabic Game Jam – a 48 hour game-concept event, about creating games for the arabic speaking markets.
  • 27 – 29 May: Traffic Jam – A hackathon organised in part by Fujitsu and Skånetrafiken, aiming to improve the public transports and it’s use of technology.
  • 5 – 7 September: Hack för maten – a food hackathon(!), aiming at getting tech and food industry mixed.

What is a hack / hackathon?

Exactly what a hackathon has not really a strict definition. Some are organised as business camps, with random teams being presented with a problem and finding a solution for those – in the given time limit. Some are open, and each participant is welcome to create their own projects and develop them. Some have prices, some have not.

In essence, it is a longer event, usually a whole day or more, where people with a similar interest, but often different background, come together to create something. A great event to get that one projekt going, but also to network and meet other people interested in the same topic.

Often events gather a combination of developers, entrepreneurs, businesspeople and student. Often a mix that is healthy, and makes it possible for everyone to learn something during the event.

Some hacks, often the more special ones, are organised at and by maker- or hacker- spaces – such as Fabriken at STPLN or CreativeLab, two prominent ones in the region.

Update: We missed the Alten hack and Arabic Game Jam, which have been added to the list now!