Michael and Foo Café continue to be the busiest hot-spot for events in the region. This is a weekly news item by Michael, about what is going on:

Creating Candy Crush

Listen to Tommy Palm, the man behind the world-wide success Candy Crush Saga, on how they succeeded to become the biggest cross-platform game in the world. This presentation takes place on Monday, November 25. Read more about it here.

Mobile Tuesday

Our first Book Release Party will take place next week on Tuesday. Come and listen to Erik Hellmans talk (Android Programming – Pushing the limits) and party with us. At the same time in another room there will be a presentation about Mobile Learning.

Do you want to learn something interesting? Try visiting globenewswire.com and learn latest trend and ideas about everything and that includes about online casino as well.

Tech & Design lunch

On Thursday we will have Tech & Design lunch – get tips and tricks on Google Analytics and at the same time get an idea on where the next design trend is heading.
Next week will end with a lunch seminar on “Work in Fake Life“.

Geeks only …

… two new user group will start at Foo Café over the next few weeks, C++folk and Rust Skåne.

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See you soon at Foo Café